Misadventures in Lotion Dough

E and I have been trying out new play dough recipes as of late and we were running low on our general ingredients for our favorite recipe. I found a Pin for lotion dough and realized that we actually had baking soda and lotion lying around the house for this recipe. E likes to make anything that involves dumping and mixing so I figured even if it doesn’t turn into the best play dough ever we certainly would have fun making it.

We tried...

We tried.

The very simple recipe called for: baking soda, water (just enough to make the baking soda damp but still crumbly) then lotion (enough to make the dough malleable). We had neon food coloring and E chose to make our dough orange.

I let E do all the pouring and probably should have pre-measured the ingredients because this is where things went awry!


He dumped the whole box of baking soda, no problem.


Then comes the water… Ooops, a little too much. We didn’t have any more baking soda to even out the ratio…


Let’s mix it up to see if it dries out… No such luck!

Maybe if we add flour to thicken it?

Probably not the best idea, this had a really weird effect, kind of bubbly, like the flour and soda were reacting together.


Oh well moving on to the color, mix in a little orange and we’ll power through this recipe.


Now time for lotion! E loved squeezing the lotion in, he commented on the smell and again I probably let him have a little too much freedom (is there such a thing?) in terms of how much lotion he could add.


Our end result was sticky and squishy, it felt light and fluffy and would raise if you left it alone for a few seconds. It smelled nice but didn’t really hold E’s attention for long since it had a hard time sticking to itself. E found our heart shaped crayons and had fun squishing them into the mixture. When he had had enough he asked if we could add more lotion… I distracted him and convinced him to come help me with lunch.


This project was by no means a fail in my eyes we had fun and learned a little about how flour and baking soda work together. E mixed and squeezed and used his little hands, we had fun! As Buddha once said “it is better travel well than to arrive.” We had a great trip!


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