The Joys of Blue Sand!

The Joys of Blue Sand!

With our new and very fantastic sensory table firmly positioned in our play area I have been excited to try out all sorts of extravagant sensory ideas. Peering back through past Pinterest posts I searched for the perfect substance to really highlight just how much fun a sensory table can be. While i’ve been privy to the wonders of sensory tables for years now, I realized that my kids had no idea how much fun could be had when playing in a table filled with water or rice or even monster mud! But as I thought of all of the benefits and joys of starting with water I also pictured three 3-year-old boys and a 1-year-old who had no background with a bin filled to the brim with water and I decided that I may maintain my sanity, and our laminate floors, a little longer if I start with something less wet. As I was pushing my cart through the Walmart aisles picking up some last minute items for our daycare start day I stumbled upon the oh so wonderful Crayola play sand. I’m familiar with the colorful sand and have used it before but until now I never remembered just how fun the bright blue, very moldable sand can be. We have been making sandcastles like crazy and so far only minimal spilling has occurred. Despite the thin layer of blue sand granules covering my feet at all times I think I’m in love, and I’m pretty sure that I have fostered a sensory table love in four young boys as well! 🙂


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