I recently got my salad spinners back from my old job and then let them sit in my car for about two weeks… When I finally cleaned out my disaster of a car I toted the lovely, well used, salad spinners inside. They sat on my counter for another few days until the perfect opportunity for some halloween inspired art arose. One of my buddies woke up early from nap and was looking for something to do so I pulled out the paints and introduced this little guy to one of my very favorite abstract art activities. We chose orange, black, and white with a little glitter to top it off. We lined the salad spinner so that we didn’t get paint everywhere, it leaks out of the bottom if you don’t line it. Then I let B spoon the paint into the spinner, I put the lid on and let him spin and spin. He liked to stop and check on the progress and then go back to his spinning. He made lots and lots of beautiful splatter type art, just the beginning of what this project has to offer. I can’t wait to start talking centrifugal force, but maybe we’ll save that for the second experience with salad spinners! 🙂


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