For the Love of Tunnels

If you have never spent a significant amount of time with any boy over the age of two you may not know the significance of a tunnel. Young boys, at least the ones I hang out with, are obsessed with tunnels. This obsession starts early and persists over a long period of time.IMG_0262

Now tunnel obsession is not one like your typical boy obsession; trains, cars, monster trucks, dinosaurs. No, tunnel obsession is a whole different breed. It may not be very apparent at first, you may not even know that your three-year-old is obsessed with tunnels but one day when looking through pictures you will realize that everything is a tunnel! Thinking back on conversation you will hear “look it’s a tunnel!” over and over again. I have begun to understand that my ability to see a tunnel in everyday objects is lagging far behind that of the little ones I spend my days with.

We have obvious tunnels…


Homemade Tunnels…



Playdough Tunnels…



And of course, the best tunnels of all,  friend tunnels!




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