Clean Pumpkin Mud

While browsing Pinterest last week I saw a pin for Clean Mud from I had tried clean mud out with group of kids years ago and remember not really loving the experience mostly because we were actually trying to simulate mud in the classroom and let me just forewarn you clean mud is nothing like real mud! But it is a fun and different sensory experience. What caught my eye about this post was the fall scent aspect. I love fall smells and am always trying create olfactory sensory experiences in fun new ways so I thought we would give it a shot.

What you need:

1 roll of toilet paper ripped up

2 bars of soap

1/4 cup of borax

about 4 cups warm water

fall scents – allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, whatever you like 🙂

orange food coloring

DSCN1199 I let the kids start by ripping up the toilet paper, this was a bit tedious and they got bored quickly so I pulled out scissors for them to use. Unrolling the toilet paper was by far the most fun for them 🙂

DSCN1201 Finally all done! I had to most of the work on this part – I also grated the soap with a little help here and there from the boys.DSCN1203 DSCN1204 After the paper was fully shredded and both bars of soap were grated we did some mixing, first adding about 4 cups of water, then the soap, then the borax, we also added orange gel food coloring and finally our scents. These two love to mix 🙂DSCN1205 DSCN1206 We poured the mixture onto our paper and mixed and mashed! Here is the finished product!DSCN1210Its kind of a squishy moldable stuff, we like it! It takes a lot of prep and looks kind of gross, but it’s pretty fun! We made five little pumpkins and acted out the song, I wish I would have filmed it, so cute!


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