Slime Time!

This post is a little late for Halloween but here is our creepy eyeball infested slime. We make slime all the time, almost as often as we make play dough. Sometimes it turns out really malleable and sometimes really goey and slimy. This batch was perfect! It must have been a little Halloween magic because this slime was especially creepy 🙂

Here is our recipe:

1 tsp Borax dissolved into 1 cup of water

1 Bottle of glue (you can use clear or white) mixed with 1/2 cup of hot water

add food coloring to glue mixture

mix two bowls together and slime starts to form!

Look at those eyeballs!

ImageEven the little ones like to touch and squish!Image

And look at it stretch!


Some things I love about making slime are; the almost magical way it starts to form, the liquid look it has when laying on the table, and its wondrous ability to fuse itself to fabric (insert sarcasm)! If it does get stuck in your clothes, and it will, just run the clothes under hot hot water before the slime dries, it should dissolve away.


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