Boys and Their Hammers


Carving pumpkins is messy work. Its goey and icky and in my experience not an activity 3 year olds enjoy! In fact my son screamed and ran away when I tried to cajole him into reaching inside for a handful of seeds. I have always loved the idea of pumpkin investigation, each year I bring out a pumpkin or two and hope for these little ones to really dive in and experience a pumpkin, feeling it, smelling it, dissecting it. But every year the pumpkin sits there and the kids play with something else. I haven’t given up on this opportunity for early science, so this year I opened the pumpkin, and it sat there… When we were ready to move on I pulled out Rob’s golf tees and dug around for some toy hammers, coincidently we have 4! And with the appearance of said hammers came an enthusiastic group of boys. The pumpkin was now a point of interest. And while we may not have had a sophisticated conversation about the consistency of a pumpkins shell we sure did have fun! Fine motor skills were refined and we got a little lesson in the working parts of a hammer. DSCN1214 DSCN1217 DSCN1219



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