Mirrors and Pom Poms

Although most of my projects and invitations to play are geared towards my gaggle of three year old boys I do have two teeny tiny infants with me and a busy 1 year old as well. I have been trying to find fun and exciting new things to do with these younger age groups. Recently during a trip to the oh so wonderful dollar tree (seriously I love this store for kids stuff) I found mirrors. I have been wanting mirrors for our dress up area for a while so I threw a couple in the cart and headed for the shaving cream, a must when you’re at the dollar tree. The mirrors have been a hit with the older kids who frequently post up at a mirror and make different faces or try on silly hats but until the other day I had not given the littles a chance to try them out. Feeling a little guilty for my lack of attention to the little ones yesterday I spur of the moment pulled down a mirror and added some pom poms. Success! At first all of the boys crowded round wanting to play and experiment with this new use for mirrors, we sorted the poms, we dropped them onto the mirror from high up. Once the older kids cleared the way my little one year old buddy had a chance to check it out. He put the poms on the mirror on his face, he laughed and laughed, he threw the poms at the mirror and more laughs erupted. He was fascinated and fully engaged for close to 10 minutes – a long time for a little one! DSCN1220 DSCN1223 DSCN1224


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