Autumn Art

Autumn ArtWith snow flying it’s easy to see that the holidays are closing in, look around and the red and green glitter magic is looming, ready to take a strangle hold on our art projects (don’t get me wrong, I love red and green glitter magic!) This week I planned our art activities with some very specific autumn colors in mind.

Our first art experience was an old favorite with an autumn twist. We’ve done marble painting, golf ball painting, sometimes even hot wheel painting.  The idea is to line a box, or a lid to a box, with a piece of paper then take your painting implement whatever it may be and drop it into a cup of paint, fish it out of the paint and toss it into the box. Now the fun begins, rolling tipping, turning and bouncing the balls around to make the paint run all over the paper. This time we used pinecones and rocks that we collected on a recent walk. The pictures were beautiful! I used some of the surplus of pinecone paintings to cut out leaves that are now hanging in our entry way. We made a mess with all of those hopping pinecones but i do love a good mess!

Our next project my former self would have scoffed at, but my current self loves it! I think it’s the mom in me that has made me come to really appreciate a good fingerprint painting. Now our fingerprint trees are no handprint turkeys but they are pretty close. With the pre-fabricated print outs of trees and me standing over the kids shoulders reminding “just dot it, like leaves” and “don’t smear it,” there was no artistic exploration when it came to this project. Don’t worry I did let them fully experience the finger paints when I felt like their trees had enough leaves , I pulled the papers out from under their little hands and set them to dry. The perfectly fingerprinted trees, a beautiful reminder of how small those little smudgy fingers were in 2013. Not whatsoever a reminder of their artistic ability in 2013, I even had the babies do it – they’re 2 and 3 months old! This project was absolutely product over process, and I’m ok with that 🙂 Like I said the mom in me really likes to have these little cookie cutter projects, so I guess the teacher in me will start to do more of them.

Also if you would like a reminder of how small those little smudgy fingers were in 2013 and not a reminder of their artistic ability in 2013 here’s a print out of the cool tree 🙂  Thankful


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