Cranberry Dough!

Our house has been filled with smells of autumn for the past few weeks as we experiment with pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon scented sensory items. We have made a plethora of new doughs and slimes and this cranberry dough is by far one of my favorites! A blend of oobleck or monster mud or goop (everyone seems to have a different name for it) and play dough . This dough is crumbly yet soft, sticky yet firm with all of the enticing properties of monster mud and 1/2 the mess! It’s also great for those kiddos who are a little freaked out by the mess of monster mud but want to experiment with sensory play. It still does the great melting in your hand thing but is firm enough that you can mold it into a ball. I am in love with this dough! It’s super easy to make too and really lends itself to experimentation by the kids since there really isn’t an exact recipe that needs to be followed. All that you need is cornstarch and cranberry sauce. The cranberry sauce was fun to open! They all took turns using the can opener and when we got it open it was quite the surprise to these boys what was on the inside! They eagerly touched the jelly, gooey, red stuff that smelled so sweet and tangy.  After we were done digging our fingers into the cranberry sauce we spooned about half of the can into a pie plate and added 1/2 Cup of cornstarch. We mixed with a spoon then let the kids mix with their hands. They added more cornstarch and cranberry sauce until we liked the consistency. We talked about the smell of the cranberry sauce and they noticed that when we put in more cranberry it was “slimier” and when we put in more cornstarch it was  “harder”. Knives were the perfect tool for this dough, with firm pressure they cut the dough and then when left to sit it melts back together. We had lots of fun! After we were done playing I put it in an airtight container and we pulled it out the next day but it was a bit dry so we added more cranberry and kept on playing. This was a wonderful sensory experience! I can’t wait to try out more food ingredients mixed with cornstarch we are thinking pumpkin next 🙂

DSCN1276 DSCN1275DSCN1278DSCN1281DSCN1282DSCN1284DSCN1293DSCN1300


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