Circle Painting

We have been exploring new ways to put paint onto a piece of paper, trying not to use our hands or paint brushes. So far we have done so using golf balls, cars, pinecones, rocks and other round rolling objects, which got me thinking, what if we do some circle painting minus the rolling. A little less action for my little guys trying to make the placement of paint a bit more deliberate. We started by searching the house for anything that was shaped like a circle. I had the boys join in the search, we went on a circle hunt and found circles small and large. We talked about how circles are round and they have no corners. We talked about what the circular implements might look like when dipped in paint then pressed onto paper, they predicted that they would look like circles 🙂 Then we set our plan into action pressing different shapes and colors of circles all over our paper. The boys had fun experimenting with different sizes and quickly learned which implements worked best for stamping. They lost interest after stamping a couple sheets of paper so I pulled down our mirrors which have been a huge hit lately. They added a whole new element of being able to watch yourself paint. This extension of play was just what they needed. We had fun and will definitely try other types of shape painting soon 🙂DSCN1310DSCN1308
DSCN1311 DSCN1312 DSCN1316 DSCN1317


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