Fine Motor Time

In the world of three year old boys, at least the three year old boys I surround myself with, fine motor activities are few and far between. My kids, and apparently the ones I draw to me, tend to need big gross motor activities, if they are not moving they are not interested. But I still set up fine motor options to hopefully stumble upon something that will draw them in and hold their interest all the while building and strengthening those little hands and fingers. This week I was lucky, I found two things that kept them engaged, sitting at the table, for more than 15 minutes (that’s almost enough time to prep their lunch!) We started with pipe cleaners and beads. I wasn’t sure of their ability with such small beads so I was sure to use pipe cleaners instead of string to help aid them in stringing the beads. I even had some bamboo skewers ready to go if the pipe cleaners were too challenging. I stuck the pipe cleaners into some Styrofoam adding another dimension to the beading and giving them a clear idea of what end to bead from. It was fun to watch the boys be so careful, really concentrating, and working their fingers to place the beads one on top of the other. They talked about how tall the “trees” were, trying to make each one taller than the next.

Our next success story with fine motor this week was with stickers! We have a ton of stickers, random collection of different things. I set the stickers on the table today with papers that I had drawn “their letters” on I left the table and let them decide on their own what they would do. Of course I wanted them to stick the stickers onto their letter but I wasn’t sure that would actually happen. Watching them work I noticed that they immediately found “their” letters then discovered the stickers. E immediately went to town sticking the stickers meticulously onto his letter, B watched and quickly joined in. They finished the first letters in their name and wanted more! I ended up writing out all of the letters in their names and they carefully sat, pealing stickers and placing them along the lines of the letters. This was by far the longest my son has ever worked on a fine motor activity! Watching them concentrate is so much fun, trying to work those little fingers! The last picture is what happened to the baby when I went to the bathroom, they couldn’t sit perfectly the entire time without a little mischief 🙂

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