Moby Wrap Love!

I started this blog with the intentions of sharing my adventures in in-home-child-care and I realize that I have mostly shared activities that we have been doing. While I will continue to share activities, because I love to show off the fun stuff that we are doing, I will also try to start sharing whats going on with all of those little ones in my care while we are making slime and jumping in puddles 🙂 .

I currently am watching 2 infants plus my own little one (only 3 months old). Don’t worry they don’t all come on the same day. All of these sweet little babies are under 6months old. It is amazing watching them change and grow everyday, and I can’t wait for them to be ready to try out some fun sensory play and art projects. For now I will share some of our tummy times, mirror play, and of course different ways to wear them!

I never used a Moby Wrap with E but now with our baby girl joining us at a time with so much going on I could not live with out this thing! I have been experimenting with different wrap styles and will share pictures and the benefits of each style (excuse the selfies!) If you have a baby and a toddler and you don’ have a Moby wrap I recommend getting one or making one, it will change your life :)!

This picture is the sling hold, I like it for when the babies are awake and want to look around a bit more. My little one tends to fall asleep instantly when wrapped , so I’m trying to find new ways to keep her alert and this wrap helped a little with that (even though she’s sleeping in the picture, she was awake for longer this way ) :). Here’s a youtube link to the how to guide for this wrap.



One thought on “Moby Wrap Love!

  1. Debra Howell says:

    Visiting Dandelion Wishes last week was a very special occasion. I went at the wrong time because all of the little ones were asleep. I agree Callister is a natural! She has always nabbed the little ones and held and cuddled them the minute they came. Love is what grows a beautiful child. With Raelynn’s guidance this daycare is Excellent!

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