Snowman Sensory Table!

The weather has been beyond frightful here in our little wintery wonderland as of late. It takes all of the fun out of playing in the snow when the high of the day is -2 degrees and thats not factoring in the splendid little wind chill dropping it to a lovely -22! Needless to say we have been spending many of our days indoors looking longingly at the snow that is pilled in drifts in our yard. During nap time the other day I was contemplating braving the elements just to get the kids outside to touch some of that white fluffy stuff then I thought again and it hit me I would bring a little winter inside :). I emptied our sensory table that has been warm peppermint water for the past week to heat up those chilly little fingers when we get in from our outdoor adventures. I drug the tub outside and started shoveling. I filled the tub with powdery snow, when I brought it inside I added mittens and tubs to the sensory bin to encourage building snow castles. Then after some of my friends woke up and experimented for a bit I added pipe cleaners and gems to the mix and we had a perfect snowman building center. DSCN1475 DSCN1488 DSCN1490


3 thoughts on “Snowman Sensory Table!

  1. Jamie says:

    I LOVE seeing everything you come up with on here!! Such good ideas!!! I can’t wait for King to get a little older to do some of these 🙂 I save all the craft ones.

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