Hot Cocoa Snow!

We have tried a variety of new dough’s and mixes this year with varying success. For our Polar Express Pajama Party I wanted to mix up something with a hot cocoa smell and look to it. So I busted out the cocoa mix, some vegetable oil and baking soda. We kind of winged it and just started dumping the dry ingredients into our bowl. I think we used about a cup of each, maybe a little less of the cocoa mix then we slowly mixed the oil in until it had a moon sand feel to it; moldable but still kind of dry.  I added tablespoons to scoop with and muffin tins to scoop into. This was fun to play with and it smelled great! We enjoyed it so much that we used it for our sensory experience for the rest of the week. I enhanced the play by adding little christmas tree molds and red and green sprinkles. So much dramatic play happened with this sensory material, I “drank” lots of cocoa 🙂 .DSCN1568DSCN1567DSCN1581



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