Polar Express Pajama Party!

This post is a bit late but with all of the craziness surrounding the holidays I’ve had a hard time getting on here and sharing what we’ve been up to. Before Christmas we had a wonderful Polar Express Pajama Party! We made hot cocoa dough/snow, decorated a gingerbread house, ate popcorn, drank hot chocolate and of course watched… Mickey Mouse Twice Upon a Christmas! We had some technical difficulties with Polar Express and when the kids were given the option of another movie they jumped all over Mickey Mouse (I think my child may be addicted to Mickey Mouse, it must be the ears ;)) While I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t watch Polar Express to tie it all together the kids didn’t care one lick. Polar Express is kind of scary and a little confusing to a three-year-old, heck my thirty-year-old husband had a hard time following it! The day was a success and while most days me and my kids stay in our pajamas until about 11:00 anyways there is something pretty cool about being in your pjs all day long. (check out the cute invites I made as well :)) 


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