Lego Math

Our lego table is always a big hit with all of the kids in my care. We build castles, houses, racetracks and of course we always knock them down with great vigor! Legos flying everywhere. Usually we only build so that we can knock them down. We have been experimenting with 2 part patterns with the legos and those too get knocked down and broken to pieces as fast as they possibly can.

I have built on this lego interest by painting with legos, adding them to play dough for polka dot printing and most recently creating a math game that my kids love! E and I tested out this game on a day that it was just him and I. I made several structures, then placed the required pieces to replicate the structure in little bins. E started by looking at the pre-made structure and then got to work making its twin. We started pretty basic and then built on those designs making them more and more challenging. E was so proud when he carefully copied the structure. This fun twist on legos has worked well for all of the kids and my very math minded boy (open ended play stresses him out! who’s kid is he?) has loved showing his friends how to “play the game!”DSCN0935 DSCN0948DSCN0946DSCN0938DSCN0936


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