Monster Trucks? Let’s Paint!

We have a plethora of Monster trucks at our disposal. Monster trucks that generally only get used for wonderful things like crashing into each other or driving over babies bellies. I have been trying to get my bouncing, destructo boys to experiment with paint lately with very little success. Generally my art projects take longer for me to setup than to do. Mr. E is infamous for starting a project and then minutes in declaring “I am done!” Announcing this to his friends creates a ripple effect. An echo of I’m done’s fill the room and I’m left with a disaster area as they run off to do something much bigger and faster. It’s hard to do a real full body art experiment with the weather, snow pants and paint don’t mix that well. We have painted with cars and rolled balls and marbles with paint across paper but by far the most engaging indoor gross motor art project has been Monster truck painting – with a ramp.

We started painting with the trucks on paper; first driving them through paint then driving them on the paper. This produced cool truck tracks and each truck had it’s own pattern. But as usual a couple minutes into this art project I could see the words forming on E’s lips. Just before the “I’m done’s” started bouncing around the room I pulled out the kicker to this project. A ramp! I had an old cardboard box ready to go, we set it up at the edge of the table and drove the trucks into a pan so those cool paint truck tracks didn’t roll across my floors. Success! The boys sent those paint covered trucks careening down the ramp for over 45 minutes, by far the longest a single art project has lasted in this house for a long time!DSCN0965 DSCN0964 DSCN0961 DSCN0963 DSCN0960


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