Pipe Cleaner Palaces!

We recently bought a new TV for our bedroom. With that TV came a box with all sorts of foam packaging. Once finished with the installation of the TV my husband bagged up all that packaging and headed to the trash. Now for some people this is totally normal and completely acceptable but to me this was an outrage!

“What are you doing throwing this away?” (He looks at me as if I’ve temporarily lost touch with reality – it is garbage after all) “We can totally use this for something!”

“What are you going to use oddly shaped pieces of foam for?”

“All sorts of things!”

He shrugged his shoulders and left the foam for me to deal with, clearly realizing his defeat and most likely wondering why I had acted like he was throwing away a bag of money. Now I felt the pressure, what would I do with it? Where was I going to put it? I tucked it into a corner hoping that inspiration would strike soon or my mini drama over the styrofoam that was almost no more was going to be all for naught.

Luckily the very next day we were in search of an activity and I decided to bust out the foam and some loose parts with pointy edges for jabbing into the foam. The results were beautiful! The pipe cleaners easily poked into the foam and were fun to twist and turn, we made tunnels and doorways, the golf tees worked wonders for patterns and then for a little balancing. This activity was an exercise in fine motor, imaginative play, mathematic concepts and so much more, plus it was fun!DSCN1009 DSCN1006 DSCN1008 DSCN1012 DSCN1013 DSCN1017 🙂


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