Tissue Paper by Numbers

Honestly I have never been the biggest fan of “color by number” type activities. As a child I remember feeling irritated with the rigidity of such projects; boxed in by all those silly numbers. As an adult I have felt the same way. Who wants to do it just the right way with just the right colors? We’ve always done lots of freeform art, and continue to do so here. So for the sake of my creative process over product mantra, that I love to preach, I am calling this activity a lesson in math. Sure, math. It’s a wonderful sorting activity and helps to build on number recognition. Let’s not forget the fine motor involved in working with that tissue paper :). So this “math” project also produces some pretty cute little tissue paper hearts, perfect for taking home to hang on the fridge, or for decorating the bulletin board.

We started by sorting our tissue paper into separate cups in the muffin tin. Then numbering each cup.

DSCN1021I drew hearts, segmented them into 5 parts and numbered them.
DSCN1022 The kids quickly covered those hearts with glue sticks then started to crumple up the corresponding tissue paper.DSCN1018 Sometimes rolling it between their fingers. They were so patient and careful 🙂 Precise in the placement, being sure to match the tissue with the right number. DSCN1023


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