Aloha! and mangos…

We recently got back from the trip of a lifetime to the beautiful island of Maui! As I posted before our trip had it’s challenges but overall it was wonderful! We played and swam, and snorkeled and explored! E loves the ocean and has absolutely no fear of water! We saw mama and baby humpback whales, dolphins, sea turtles and many beautiful sunsets. I think we brought back half of the beach in sand and took some great naps oceanside! We were lucky enough to travel with an amazing photographer who would be super ticked if I posted any pictures before she edited them so unfortunately I will just have to put up silly smart phone pictures until said photographer gets to work. IMG_0565 IMG_0507IMG_0547

IMG_0608We brought back some fun souvenirs but by far the best item that we brought home was a wonderful little book called Too Many Mangos. Written by Tammy Paikai and illustrated by Don Robinson this book is all about sharing. I love children’s books but tend to gravitate to the classics. It is rare that I find a brand new book that I absolutely love! This book I absolutely love! In the book Kama and Nani set out to share their grandpa’s Mangos with the neighbors and along the way their neighbors end up returning the favor by sharing special items of their own. The book has beautiful illustrations and a simple story line helping young children try to understand the importance of sharing. It also brings in a bit of the Hawaiian culture and languagewith words like Mahalo and Aloha. We have had so many wonderful conversations about this book already; discussing sharing, Hawaii, climate, plants, and of course Mangos for snack! I recommend this book to all of my teacher and mom friends and anyone who just likes good children’s books. 😉




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