Credit Card Rainbow Painting!

It has taken us a while to get back into the swing of things here since our vacation ended a couple of weeks ago. We are all wishing the snow away and dreaming about being back on the beach. Although we’ve been trying to defeat those post vacation blues coupled with a little I hate winter anxiety we have been busy as ever in the house. We are trying to brighten up life from the comfort of the indoors hoping a little springtime will spread to the outdoors!

This activity was fun and oh so colorful! I’m a huge fan of abstract art in toddler form and I love to see what the little ones will do when presented with new, out of the ordinary materials. We started by gathering materials. I used big pieces of cardboard cut into squares taped to the table to help keep things in place. I would like to try this one on canvas someday because the results were definitely wall worthy. I let the kids help me dig through my wallet to find some usable plastic. Fortunately I never clean my wallet out and we had plenty of outdated and unneeded cards to work with.

Next we pulled our paints and lined them up in the order of a rainbow. This part of the project was great! We used a book that had a rainbow in it to reference what order the colors went in. We talked about how rainbows come out when we have both rain and sun at the same time and we even threw a bit of spanish in there (we have been working on our colors and numbers in spanish, they are getting pretty good 🙂 .)

Sliding the cards through the paint took some practice but once they got a good amount of paint on their card they smeared it all over the cardboard. The colors mixed. Moving the paint around was fun, making some areas thin with paint and some thick. They continued by adding new colors until the art was complete! DSCN1656 DSCN1658 DSCN1659 DSCN1661 DSCN1660


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