Noodle Play!

I am excited and a bit sentimental at the fact that my little babies are now big enough for sensory play! Closing in on the 6 month mark these littles are sitting up, noticing the world around them and excited for new and different things! My little Etta is pushing up on her hands and toes and is starting to move around on the floor! It goes by so fast and the newborn stage is such a wonderfully cuddly stage but I have to be honest I love this upcoming stage where they are so excited by the world around them and eager to explore!

A few days ago during our very rainbow filled week one of my little guys was awake while all of the other kids were sleeping so I prepped a fun sensory experience for him. I had a pack of spaghetti noodles hanging in the cupboard ready to be played with! I boiled the noodles and rinsed them in cold water when they were done then split them into separate bowls and added just a splash of color. I was surprised at how colorful they looked. I was worried about the color seeping onto the little guys clothes so we just opted for the diaper look. The colors didn’t really get on his skin too much but they did bleed onto each other quite a bit so they weren’t as pretty when all was said and done. I lined the noodles up in ROYGBIV fashion for my own satisfaction. I set it up on the base of our excersaucer to give them a defined space and hope to contain some of the mess.

My buddy was not so sure at first, touching and dropping the noodles on his toes. He made some silly faces and a few whimpers when the noodles were just too much for him. After a while he warmed up to the idea of the noodles touching him. Etta woke up soon after we started so she got to join in on the fun. She LOVED it! She was basically swimming in the noodles. Putting them up by her face and all over, she would smile when I would move a noodle to a new spot and tell her it’s location. i.e. “now the noodle is on your belly, oh now it moved to your ear…”

These two played for quite a while and got to experience some very different textures, bright colors, and of course always vocabulary!

DSCN1699 DSCN1700 DSCN1702 DSCN1703 DSCN1710 DSCN1712 DSCN1716


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