Sensory Table Print Making!

We had so much fun with our table top printmaking last week. So I decided to build on that interest. Where else could we paint and make gorgeous prints? The sensory table of course! We emptied out the green, pastel speckled sugar that was once our vibrant rainbow sand and got straight to work painting that table! Side note: I always have the kids help me empty, clean and refill the sensory table. They feel more invested in what we are doing when they take part in the setup as well as the cleanup. Plus its pretty fun scooping old materials out and prepping it for something new and exciting. Not to mention the fact that sometimes I just don’t have time to do it all by myself!!

To get started I simply squirted a few blobs of paint into the table and added paintbrushes. The kids knew what to do from there. Painting in the table added a whole new spin to our printmaking. We had new dimensions to work with and fun ridges to paint on. When the table looked  good and colorful we added paper and the artwork was flowing! Just like real printmaking, these pictures are really easy to mass produce. We have enough for each child to go home with a stack plus a few leftover to decorate my walls.  🙂

DSCN1091 DSCN1092 DSCN1093 DSCN1094 DSCN1095 DSCN1096 DSCN1097 DSCN1104DSCN1098 DSCN1099 DSCN1100 DSCN1101 DSCN1102



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