Plunger Process Painting!

Spring has finally hit our part of the country! It was 60 degrees the other day!!!! Now this may not seem warm to some but you would have thought it was mid July the way these kid were ripping their jackets and shoes off! I have been dreaming about turning our narrow little side yard into somewhat of an outdoor classroom for the past few months, impatiently waiting for the snow to melt off so I could really get to work. We have added a dirt pit and a mini sandbox and for the first time this year we got outside to do some big process art!

We have done some big process art inside, and it’s totally doable but even the most laid-back parent/teacher must cringe a little when those paint covered fingers and toes make their trail down the hallway to the bathroom, on the walls, and the carpet, and the couch…eeek! So for the most part inside I try to stick to a smaller version of process painting. What is process art some may ask? Well it is exactly that, art where the end product of art and craft is not the principal focus. Children are given the opportunity to truly explore materials with no judgement or predetermined outcome. And if you ask me the product generally turns out pretty cool too!

I have had a big piece of plywood laying around for years. We have used it for a ramp and a wall and a table and so many other things. Today our plywood was a canvas. I dug out all of our almost-gone-paints that I never use because I got new full bottles of paint that don’t take as much convincing and shaking and banging to actually get paint out of them. The kids started by squeezing and shaking those paint bottles onto the plywood.DSCN1224DSCN1225I set out clean plungers (they sell plungers at the dollar tree 😀 E was just as excited as I was) and a few other circular items for them to experiment with. We have done circle painting inside, small scale, this was kind of an amped up version.DSCN1226The plungers were by far the most fun! Sometimes I had to help un-suction the plungers so the board didn’t get moved all over the place. DSCN1229DSCN1236 DSCN1232 They smeared and swirled and stamped.DSCN1237DSCN1238 DSCN1233We of course got our toes involved in the process a bit too. DSCN1240


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