What Should We Paint Today? A little recycled art for Earth Day!

We started our painting adventure with a very cutesy handprint project. The kids sat patiently while I painted each child’s hand and instructed them where to place there hand on the paper and then quickly helped them pull their painty little fingers off of the paper so we had these very perfect little handprints. I then whisked these perfect little handprints to a safe place to dry, leaving the kids waiting and wanting more! I had promised painting and that certainly was not painting. I knew that I would soon have a mutiny if I didn’t do something. And the last thing I wanted was a mutiny from a group of toddlers  with painted hands! We dug in the recycle bin and what luck! We had tons of perfect paintables!DSCN1248 Painting on recycled materials provides new textures and dimensions. Not to mention that literacy, “Mom, I painted the L!”DSCN1249 DSCN1250 DSCN1251 We even had some sticks and rocks laying around to paint.DSCN1252 What a beautiful mess!DSCN1253


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