Buckets of Suds….and babies.

This year the Easter Bunny brought us baskets, or buckets rather, that ended up being the perfect size to fit a couple of babies in! I had the buckets all ready to go yesterday afternoon. Now we just needed something awesome and messy to play with in the buckets. We have played with soap suds before using baby soap and water but we’ve never covered our whole bodies in it! Time to try it out! First I put a couple of tablespoons of tear free baby shampoo in a mixing bowl. Any soap will do but I like to use baby soap so that it’s gentler on their skin. Next I add about 1/4 to 1/2 Cup of water to the bowl, I’m not very precise, and I start mixing! I blend it for about two minutes until the soap suds are thick and form peaks, then we play. 😀
While I was mixing these cuties played in the buckets!
image-2 They love each other!image-5

This little guy was not so sure at first.image-1 But they both tried a little taste.image-4 And ended up warming up to those slippery suds.image image-3 image-11 We added spoons, and had fun splashing and scooping with them.image-6 Yay for new sensory experiences!image-12


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