The Best Canvas!

This past week we got a real preview of summer here in our normally chilly little part of the world. The thermometer topped out at 70 degrees and after a long winter that was enough for us to break out the sunscreen and the sprinkler! We played all day in the sunshine. With only a couple little guys left to be picked up we needed something fun to do. The boys were shirtless still from all of the water fun and we had a tray of paint out from a project earlier in the day. What could be better than to turn those little bare-bellies into works of art! I let them have at it. I don’t know if my son has ever had so much fun painting as he did this day! They painted stripes on their arms and they were tigers, they painted their ears and their toes! We had a blast and it made for a pretty colorful bath when we were finished.
image-11 copy

image-14image-19 image-21 image-22 image-23 image-25 image-31image-27 image-28image-10 copy


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