Oh What a Sensory Table!

Nothing makes it feel more like spring than bubbles floating through the park with little ones chasing behind to pop those soapy little orbs! In fact bubbles are truly one of the greatest joy makers that I know of. Even the crankiest of kids can be transformed into a little ball of giggles when bubbles are about. Heck, even our dog goes nuts over bubbles!

One of my all time favorite sensory tables is simply a whole tub of bubbles! I have done this in every program that I have ever been apart of and it is a no-fail minimum hour of fun! The very best part is when you add in different things to try to make bubbles with. Things like canning lids, cookie cutters, and pipe cleaners – the best! Sometimes we even put two pipe cleaners together and get some  super big bubbles!

We had water in our sensory table all week and the kids interest was really starting to fizzle. I wasn’t quite ready to run to the store for new materials for the table. So I looked through the cupboards to see what I had on hand…nothing. Then E brought me a thing of bubbles that came out of his Easter basket to open for him and it hit me! I think I was more excited than the kids, I seriously always have a blast with this table!

Since I had just put fresh water in the table we grabbed the dish soap and started squeezing until we got a good bubble mixture. You could easily use store bought bubbles or a bubble recipe, whatever works for you. I showed the kids one big pipe cleaner bubble and they were hooked! The kids all got pretty good at making their own big bubbles and of course popping them! They even figured out that you could catch the bubbles in your hands if your hands were soapy enough! My camera is on the fritz so my pictures are mediocre phone quality and don’t really show just how much fun this is, but trust me we had a ball! 🙂

Image 1 Image 13 Image 22 Image 24 Image 5 Image 36


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