Pom-Pom, Clothespin, Dot Dot Dot!

We had fun painting with pom-poms this week! We are kid of obsessed with these little fluffy balls! A few months back I purchased a lot of pom-poms at the dollar tree. They had a whole variety of colors and are so multi-purposed! We use them for counting, color sorting, circle-time songs, matching games and sometimes just tossing all around the house. We have been using the clothespins with and without the pom-poms for awhile now to strengthen those little fingers and to improve fine motor skills. The next step, naturally, is to add paint! We had a great discussion about colors when adding the paint to the egg carton. We tried to match the paint to the pom-pom color and worked on mixing white or black to change the shade of the color. Image 29 Then we got to dotting.Image 35 Image 8We did a little smearing.Image 4 Image 27 Image 17 Image 10 The results were nothing short of Magnificent!Image 11


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