Car Wash and Bubble Mountains

We have been busy busy since my last post and I am finding that I am piling up pictures of some great things that we have been doing but never getting around to posting about them! Time slips away from me and then I forget all about the pictures that sit in my iPhoto waiting to be shared. So I think I will try to do a purge and post about some of my favorite things that have been happening in my little home over the last month all at once! 🙂

Due to the mass amount of boys who frequent my home we tend to base a majority of our projects around hot wheels cars. Even activities that initially had no intention of involving cars end up with a car or two slipping their way into the mix. Our sensory table often has something and cars, i.e. rice and cars, water beads and cars, flour and cars. I have a minimum of three cars in our stroller, probably more in my diaper bag.They are everywhere!

Last week we started a painting project at the table, working on painting rocks. This lasted for about 3.5minutes before someone pulled a red car out of there pocket and asked if they could paint it… I let them and of course I needed to find about 15 more cars so everyone could paint one, or two or three. Once all of the cars were covered in a good layer of “preschool grey” (this is the resulting color once all colors available are mixed) we needed to wash them. I pulled out pans and soap and sponges. The cars got clean quick, so we painted them again! We painted and washed and painted and washed to our hearts content.
Image 40 Image 41 Image 30 Image 20 Image 34 Image 35

Once the cars wash scene had fizzled out I pulled out straws for the older kids to make bubble mountains! I was introduced to this activity years ago from a former employer of mine and love to do this with big kids (I say big kids because often little kids want to suck with the straw and end up with a belly full of bubbles, my boys are 3 and they did just fine). We used our soapy water from the car wash stuck straws into the mix and blew and blew and blew! Then the excitement built and the giggles were nearly as plentiful as the bubbles! The boys would smash them down and then blow them up taller and taller. Literally 45minutes of fun!!!

Image 37 Image 23 Image 17 Image 32 Image 36


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