A Gorgeous Variation

My post Like Oil and Water(colors) is by far my most popular post. After being featured on Teach Preschool’s Facebook page my blog blew up! I actually thought it was a virus I had so many visits to my blog. 🙂 The version of oil and watercolors that we did in that post was beautiful and a very fun way to make abstract watercolors. But once the finished product was dry it was a little disappointing. Those brilliant colors, and vibrant bubbles looked kind of dark green and a little greasy :/ . Not to mention my kiddos wanted to put WAY more color on the paper than it could hold. With all of that being said I still loved the scientific exploration behind the project that resulted in art. I needed to find a new way to make this oil and watercolor plan work out. And Viola! A new oil and watercolor that provides gorgeous, frame able art and holds attention for oh so long! I do love a good engaging project!

We started with:

  • Four cups with a little bit of oil in each
  • A pan with a small amount of water in the bottom – not too much or your colors will sink to the bottom
  • Some liquid watercolors and some watercolor paper (or any thicker paper)
  • Eye Droppers

After a few squirts of liquid watercolors into the oil cups we mixed and mixed and mixed until the color was incorporated into the oil. This took a bit of mixing.

Image 15 Image 21 Then we got started, using the eye droppers to place the colored oil in the pan of water. The kids put the oil anywhere and everywhere  in the pan.Image 25 Image 22

Image 14 When they were satisfied with the color placement we plopped a piece of paper on top and let it sit for about 45seconds, the oil bled through the paper & was fun to watch.

Image 12 We peeled the paper up and were presented with these works of art!Image 29


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