The Kindest Kids I Know!

Today I am writing about something that I was no part of. I wish I was a part of it. I wish I had even thought of it, because it is truly one of the most wonderful experiences that my son has been apart of in his short little life. My sister, who is still in high school, I say this because to me it makes it even more cool, took E for the day and toured the valley performing small acts of kindness. It was a day full of good deeds, ice cream and lots of smiles.

My sister is a teacher at heart and does a tremendous job with my little guy. This day she helped him to understand what being kind means and why we might want to be kind to others. She was hands on with him as they worked on making many cards for the recipients of their kindness. They wore super hero capes all day 1.) because he’s three and he often wears a super hero cape all day 2.) because she was helping him to understand what a real life super hero is – a person who is nice and good to others – not just someone who fights bad guys.

She took pictures along the way and I am going to highlight some of their greatest moments of kindness for my readers. I hope that her acts inspire others, I know that they have inspired me, to do just one small good deed for someone random, everyone could benefit from a little happiness in their day.

He’s ready to go with Horsey by his side, cards in hand and cape secured!

10489926_759316847425002_1608633056484792327_n First stop was at the assisted living center, they asked the front desk who would most appreciate a visit & a special homemade card. Mary was delighted to have a friend! They stayed and talked and sang songs for a long time. I think we may have to visit Mary again soon, yay for new friends!994104_759316794091674_5264620480240963646_n Next they were off to the fire station, he was excited to thank these fine folks for keeping us and others safe!10540844_759316757425011_8858915723371437818_n Then to Dairy Queen because in this little mans mind the people who make the ice cream are pretty much on the same level as the people who put out fires πŸ˜‰ They gave the workers at DQ a special card, they paid for the next-person-in-line’s blizzard and of course got a sweet treat for themselves!10527841_759316687425018_3269822178884240644_n I love that face!10348515_759316660758354_7373519634697507850_n After their ice-cream treat these two do-gooders headed to the humane society to volunteer. E was so concerned that the kitties didn’t have their own home with people to love on them, he wanted to build them a house. πŸ™‚ Since little man is under 10 they couldn’t do actual volunteer work but they were lucky enough to get to brush and pet these pretty cats.10556401_759316544091699_8031080807642410269_n He wanted to take them home with him πŸ˜€10561580_759316594091694_6284576632469378608_n “They’re sooo soft.”10482227_759316624091691_5183006300187821939_n Off for some more fun at the dollar tree! These two hid dollar bills in the toy section with notes for others to find. It would have been fun to see the faces on the lucky kids who found these.Β 10502128_759316390758381_2061244491540831184_n 10402609_759316477425039_9041642536659807813_n 10489926_759316344091719_6590878819479069805_n Last but most definitely not least they delivered flowers to me! I felt pretty special!evflowerSuch a beautiful day full of making other peoples days better! I’m lucky and happy to have a kind and caring sister and a wonderful auntie to my kiddos who can help instill these values in my little ones!


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