Playdough Math

We love playdough! We probably play with play dough everyday at one point or another. Not only is it squishy and wonderful it provides an excellent hands on way to learn so many great skills. We have been using cookie cutters with our play dough this last week. Just the other day the kids were wondering about the “+” sign. I explained it to them and that’s where it all started. The children would choose two numbers to add and then they would count out the number of balls that each number represented. Next they counted all of the play dough balls and added them together, they found the answer to the equation and stamped it out of the play dough. By the end of this activity they were doing the whole process entirely on their own! They were doing math! The kids learned new vocabulary; “adding”, “equation” and “equals”. They also got a chance to explore these skills while working with their hands, squishing the dough and making their own counters! They were so proud!







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