About Me & My Family

This is where I tell all about myself, my dreams, my desires, hopes and wishes…. Hmmmmm trickier than you’d think.Image

My name is Raelynn and I am a mother to a wonderful wild and crazy almost three year old boy! I am happily married to my wonderful husband and I am also stepmom to a wild and crazy 14 year old girl (just kidding about the wild and crazy part, she’s pretty tame and definitely low on the wild scale when compared to her brother) We are all impatiently awaiting the arrival of our newest addition to the family. A little surprise baby due any day now!Image

I have been working in early childhood for officially 7 years now and am truly passionate about little learning minds! I have a BA in Psychology and have worked as a Pre-School teacher in some really excellent centers; learning from some fabulous teachers. I love hands on learning experiences, and am a sucker for a truly messy full body art adventure.Image

I have decided to turn in my working mom hat to be home with my littles. One small setback… in comes the financial piece! How do I help our family make it and still give my children their best start? My very own in home childcare program! Should be a piece of cake right?


Our Dandelion Wishes will highlight my adventures in early learning and the joys and challenges of having my own kids and others in my home while still accomplishing all of those other motherly and wifely things I’m sure I should be doing too. Cooking and cleaning somehow always take a backseat to setting up the perfect sensory experience for the kids… Ooops.


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